To check the applicable fees for the type of visa application and services, please click on the relevant topics below.

Visa Fees

Visa fees change semi-annually (every 6 months) according to the exchange rate set by the government of the Republic of Korea.

Therefore, the new visa fees will be applied for applications received after Jan 1, 2024 at KVAC and will be valid until Jun 28, 2024.


Please note that all visa fees are set by the Government of the Republic of Korea. 

The Korea Visa Application Center (KVAC) is authorized to collect these visa fees on behalf of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Berlin. 

The visa fees vary, depending on the nationality of the visa applicant. 


Please pay the relevant fees for the nationality indicated on your passport. Please find below the visa for the nationalities that are more frequently applying at the KVACs in Europe. For all other nationalities not included below, to verify the applicable visa fees, please check here.

Nationality Up to 90 days - Single entry Over 90 days - Single entry Up to / Over 90 days - Multiple entries
German 40 36 60 54 90 81
French 40 36 60 54 90 81
British 130 117 200 180 250 225
Dutch 40 36 60 54 90 81

Kindly make sure that you verify the visa fees that apply to your nationality before proceeding with the bank transfer. 

[Only for German nationals]  The Government of the Republic of Korea has signed reciprocal facilitation and national agreements with Germany to establish the following specific exceptions: Students (all D-2 visa types), Trainee (all D-4* visa types), Intra-Company Transferee (D-7-1 and D-7-2), Corporate/Foreign Investor (all D-8 visa types), International Trade (all D-9 visa types), Foreign National of Special Ability (E-7) engaging in marketing activities are all exempted from visa fees. 

*Visa fees for all D-4 visa types are only exempted if the purpose of applying for D-4 visa is to attend courses prior to attending a Korean University from which an applicant already has an admission letter. 


[Only for French nationals]  French nationals are exempted from visa fees when applying for Working Holiday (H1) visas.

Service Fees

The Korea Visa Application Center (KVAC) has been authorized by the Government of the Republic of Korea to collect the service fees listed below.

IOM KVAC Mandatory Service Fees
Service Fees in EUR
KVAC Berlin, Paris, London, Hague - Visa Application Submission 60


IOM KVAC Optional Services/Fees
Service Fees in EUR
KVAC Berlin - Passport Return via Registered Mail (only within Germany) 8
KVAC Paris - Passport Return via Registered Mail (only within mainland France) 12
KVAC London - Passport Return via Registered Mail (only within the UK) 15
KVAC Hague - Passport Return via Registered Mail (only within the Netherlands) 15


Bank Information

IBAN: DE60502109000220043673
Address: Reuterweg 16, 60323 Frankfurt Am Main, Germany

Important Notices

  • Please be advised that incorrect payments due to mistakes, such as payment of visa fees for a nationality that is not the one of the applicant, will not be refunded. Please ensure to read the website carefully and the page "Visa and Service Fees."
  • Regardless of the result of your visa application, if your documents are under review, neither the visa fees nor the service fees will be refunded.
  • The required visa and service fees, and optional additional service and related fees must be paid prior to the submission of the visa application. A copy of the proof of payment must be included when submitting your visa application. 
  • The KVAC will generate a detailed proof of payment listing all services paid for. If you note any discrepancy in regards to your payment,  please contact the KVAC team for clarification and/or report the discrepancy to the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Berlin.  

For further information, please visit the website of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Berlin and the website of the Korea Visa Portal