Safety and Security Regulations

For security reasons, the following items will not be permitted inside the Korea Visa Application Centers:

  • All bags, backpacks, or luggage (except for personal handbags)
  • Sealed envelopes or packages
  • Food or drink
  • Weapons or objects which can be used as weapons
  • Explosives or flammable items
  • Sharp objects

The above list is not exhaustive and other items may be banned based on Security Staff's discretion. Please note there are no facilities on site for storing prohibited items.

Use of mobile phones or any recording device is strictly forbidden in order to maintain the privacy of visa applicants.

All areas of the Korea Visa Application Center are monitored by CCTV to ensure the security of applicants' property and the building.

In an effort to limit overcrowding, we do not recommend visa applicants be accompanied by friends, relatives, business colleagues, or personal contacts with the exception of minors, the elderly, the disabled, or applicants who are unable to communicate in languages spoken at the Center.



Regulations of the Ministry of Justice

In accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Justice, in the event of abusive language (insulting), assault, intimidation/threatening, throwing objects, or exerting undue pressure on the visa receptionist, visa issuance may be restricted for up to three years. It also applies to cases that interfere with legitimate visa work, such as solicitation, requests for special permission, and priority review requests.

In addition, visa issuance may be restricted for up to three years if it is confirmed that false information is stated or written in the Visa application process, false documents are submitted, or it is confirmed that the subject documents have been forged or altered. 

Please be aware of the above and be careful not to be disadvantaged when applying for a visa.